Why It's a Good Idea to Take Care of Your Books

Are you a college student? If you are, then chances are a good portion of your budget every semester goes towards buying new textbooks. Most just accept this and save up as much as they can for when the time comes – but others find more creative ways to manage their finances and end up with a little more than the average student. When you buy your textbooks, do you ever consider that they still have a lot of value in them after you’re done using them?

In most cases, after you’ve gone through the semester, you don’t need the textbook for a particular course from it anymore – especially in science-related degrees. What most students don’t seem to realize is that they can sell the textbooks they’ve used and earn back quite a lot of their initial investment – provided, of course, the books are in good condition. This makes it very important to take care of your textbooks throughout the semester as best as you can.

There are various things you could do to improve the durability and longevity of your textbooks, improving your chances to sell them later on. Buy covers for all of them and dress them as soon as possible – even the hardback ones can benefit from this. Never, ever, write using a pen in the textbooks – if you absolutely have to take a note there, do it in pencil and use a light one, without applying too much pressure (so that it’s easy to remove afterwards).

Additionally, be careful with how you leave your books when you’re done reading them – it’s not a good idea to leave a book turned over opened on your current page, as this spreads the pages apart and degrades the quality of the binding. Use a page marker – that’s what they’re for after all!

In the end, when it comes to the day to sell your textbooks, you should roughly go for half of their original price – some may be willing to give you more if the book is in a good condition, but don’t expect too much – in general, people would be more likely to haggle the price down, not give you a bonus. Be friendly and if there’s anything wrong with the books let the buyer know at all cost – imagine yourself in a similar position with your limited student budget, and suddenly getting ripped off on one of the things you need most!