Why It's Important to Shop Around for Textbook Prices?

Why It's Important to Shop Around for Textbook Prices?

Thousands of titles are published each year, with varied price tags. Even for book lovers, it is not possible to purchase each of them. There are titles that are printed by several publishers. How does one choose one book from the others? It is important to shop around for textbook prices to get the best deal possible. There are hundreds of websites that sell books, such as Amazon and eBay. Here we highlight certain ways to get the best price on textbooks.

Compare -

You can compare the cost of two titles according to the year of publication, the publishing company, edition and condition of the book. Older editions or publications can be bought at lesser price, and obviously, you can save dollars if you purchase second – hand books rather than new ones. Also, you can purchase title in either hardcover or paperback. The paperback editions are generally less costly. If you find the same title on different websites, you can do a quick comparison. One deciding factor should be the shipping charges. While one may charge, the other may offer free shipping.

Browse –

Browse and select one website from where you can purchase textbooks every time. Book memberships are mostly ‘point – based’, that is, points get accumulated as you keep on purchasing. After sometime, you can redeem the points to purchase new books. Your selection of website should be based on the kinds of textbooks they offer, kind of genre you are interested in, and their delivery services. The website should have reliable shipping services for you to receive the book on time.

Never be in a hurry to buy books. Take your time and keep aside few hours every 15 – days or every month to go for book shopping. Keep aside a fixed budget to spend on new titles every month.